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Whether your business is facing a potential lawsuit, seeking to protect your rights in contractual negotiations, or looking for a legal advisor to protect your interests, the attorneys at the Allen Law Group have the knowledge, expertise, and experience you need.

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  • Set the Priorities. Define the Parameters. We do the rest!

    The attorneys at the Allen Law Group listen, advise, represent, and counsel. We listen to our client’s priorities and take action to exceed their expectations. We unburden business owners and executives from stressful legal matters so they can enjoy their lives and gain peace of mind.

  • The Allen Law Group delivers:

    • Peace of Mind.
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    • Faster Equitable Resolution
    • Comprehensive End-to-End Protection.
    • Fewer Obstacles.
    • 24/7 Support.
    • Resolution of Disputes.
    • Respect.
    • Solutions.
  • Commercial Litigation

    The attorneys at the Allen Law Group have extensive experience litigating a broad range of complex disputes. We’ve entered pleadings in federal and state courts across the country. Disputes that we have litigated include contracts, consumer fraud, deceptive business practices, insurance defense, information technology, intellectual property, directors’ and officers’ liability, and real estate disputes. We’ve even undertaken highly-specialized cases involving ERISA matters and vexatious and unreasonable delay claims under Section 155 of the Illinois Insurance Code.

    Our attorneys have represented Fortune 500 Companies and start-ups. Insurance companies and financial institutions. Computer software makers and media companies. Construction companies and manufacturers.

    In commercial cases, the Allen Law Group has represented clients in all types of business disputes such as breach of contract, fraud and deceptive business practices, non-compete and confidentiality clauses, defamation, trademark and copyright laws, landlord and tenant disputes, and employment.

  • Contractual Disputes

    The business world is one of contracts. From the lease of office equipment to the complex undertaking of a joint venture, our business lives are guided by thousands of contractual terms. Unfortunately, disputes sometimes arise when we give little attention to what we are putting our signature on. We may become embroiled in a lawsuit or collection matter that requires an attorney to decipher the contract and explain our options.

    As the client’s partner in and out of the courtroom, the attorneys at the Allen Law Firm focus on resolving disputes before they ever begin. We believe that many issues can be resolved before a client executes the contract. Therefore, we recommend reviewing pending contracts and identify high-level contractual issues and explain their practical long-term implications. The attorneys at the Allen Law Firm knows there is great value in being proactive in addressing contractual risks.

    When contract disputes do arise, the Allen Law Group is prepared to meet the challenge. We are experienced in helping clients recover or defend their position. We’ve been involved with disputes involving goods, equipment leases, promissory notes, and certain other financial transactions. We also have experience with claims against insurance companies alleging that they breached their obligation to pay benefits under life insurance policies and are familiar with interpleader law.

  • Business Torts

    Business disputes are not always limited to the terms of the contract. Sometimes a business violates a statue of the common law. The attorneys at the Allen Law Group have worked on cases involving business torts of fraud, fraud in the inducement, fraudulent conveyances, violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumer fraud, unfair and deceptive business practices, breaches of fiduciary duty, and tortuous interference with business contracts and/or prospective business relationships.

  • Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

    The attorneys at the Allen Law Group have extensive experience in the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties. The firm also has been involved in litigating both commercial and residential real estate. We have represented owners, banks, finance companies, interstate companies, end users, and individuals in various types of matters including insolvency proceedings, workouts, forbearance arrangements, commercial lease and landlord/tenant disputes, condominium association disputes, mortgages and note disputes.

  • Collection of Business Debts and Other Creditors’ Rights

    For over 15 years, the attorneys at the Allen Law Group have worked with banks, insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, and many mid-size businesses recovering receivables and debts.

    Every small business knows that their profits are sitting in their receivables – awaiting receipt. The Allen Law Group understands the legal process of collecting outstanding debts in a cost effective manner. We’re skilled and knowledgeable on the discovery of debtor’s assets, garnishments, liens, replevin, and forced sales.

    The Allen Law Group also has experience preserving creditors’ rights in bankruptcy court including, conducting Rule 2004 examinations, filing proofs of claim, modifying the automatic stay and negotiating reorganization plans. In addition, our attorneys have successfully prosecuted objections to bankruptcy discharges and obtained findings that the debtor was not entitled to bankruptcy protection because it committed fraud or other actions proscribed by the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Corporate Counsel On Call

    For businesses that do not have full-time corporate counsel, Allen Law Group possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience to seamlessly serve in this capacity. This can assist businesses in being proactive in addressing legal issues that arise in the ordinary course of business.

    In addition to helping the business understand their legal environment and responsibilities, we assist in planning and negotiating transactions, launching businesses initiatives, and generally assist the company with remaining within the boundaries of the law.

    When included early in the planning and decision-making process, the Allen Law Group can participate seamlessly with the company’s CEO to mold transactions and business initiatives. This will ensure that these activities will meet legal requirements and do not transgress into areas that would threaten the company’s reputation.

  • Transactional Practice

    The attorneys at the Allen Law Group work with clients in financing transactions, commercial real estate transactions, mergers, acquisitions and all types of investment transactions. We negotiate and prepare documents involving a wide range of transactions including secured and unsecured loans, real estate investments, joint venture agreements and equity investments. The Allen Law Group also assists in the workout of troubled loans, restructured financing and the representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy action.